Zoyander Street

I am a critical historical material semiotician of technology and art.

My writing looks at play, labour and games within material and symbolic systems of every scale: from the tiny emotional loops of caring for a virtual pet, to the massive macro network of meaning making in late capitalism. I work on a freelance basis, bringing my interpretive and expressive skills to a range of projects in different media.

History and criticism

I am a PhD student at the University of Lancaster, studying the history of games in the years 1998-2008, specifically the emerging networks of mobile, social and indie game production and consumption. This research is supported by crowdfunding, and in return for readers’ support I create books to publish my research. I have previously published three books on the design history of games: Dreamcast Worlds, Delay, and Digital Bodies.

I am Editor-in-Chief of Memory Insufficient, a publication of the nonprofit Silverstring Association for Critical Discourse, which is supported by experimental games studio and design consultancy Silverstring Media. Memory Insufficient focuses on the history and craft of game development, and aims to act as a home for in-depth, long form critical writing. I founded the publication in 2013.

I organised the Critical Proximity conference in 2014, and co-organised the Queerness and Games Conference in 2014 and 2015.

Language services

I am a professional Japanese-English translator working in academia and the games industry. I also provide language services such as constructing fictional languages for games, and writer coaching.

Game development

I currently have a project in the works that focuses on immersion in a fictional language as a form of storytelling, as well as working on other in-progress games exploring communication, relationships and new media.