Playful narrative environments.

  • Interactive fiction
  • Responsive digital art
  • Affective loops

I have been studying education and play across cultural boundaries for over a decade, and bring to bear a broad range of subject knowledge in my consulting and game design work. Whether it’s transforming medieval Japanese poetry into a vast spatial network, helping architects to create intimate objects, or bringing game design into community art practice, I aim to design games where you don’t normally expect to find them, and make them do things you don’t normally expect them to do.

Carpet generator

Carpet Generator allows you to use cellular automata as a paintbrush – like painting germs onto a petri dish as a form of art. It comes out looking like rich, […]

New design of Critical Distance home page

Critical Distance web design

Critical Distance is a somewhat rare type of website, and it can be difficult to get across what we do. We’re not quite academic, but we act as public educators. […]

One Day Jam

Date: 16th October 2016 Location: online and at Union St., Sheffield One Day Jam is a fundraising event, and a chance for people to have a go at quickly making […]