On November 6th, I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Showroom Workstation event Whose Body, Whose Space? Skeleton in a Beret will be screening, alongside films about disability arts, public toilets, and airplane seating. This event is part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, which takes place across the UK from 4-11 November 2017.

Films showing

The Toilet. (5m)

This quirky animation weaves together personal accounts from trans, disabled and Muslim people, who share the trials and tribulations of accessing and using public toilets in a society where some are made to feel welcome and others are not.

Skeleton in a Beret (7m)

Two trans people talk about how they have actively used videogames as part of how they explore not just their gender, but their skills, self-confidence, and self-expression.

Flying While Fat (6m)

This animation presents the voices of fat passengers as they explain the challenges of fitting into spaces that exclude them both socially and materially. The animation encourages people to empathise with fat people as fellow passengers and human beings, and to think about the political and economic relations that contribute to this exclusion.

Jes Sache – Body Language (3m) and Mel G. Campbell (3m)

Two films produced as part of Poject Re•Vision, which uses disability arts to disrupt the stereotypical understandings of disability and difference that can create barriers to healthcare. Their stories wrestle with ways of representing disability in a culture in which disabled bodies are on display or hidden away; and how film-making allows disabled artists to explore possibilities of ‘looking back’ at ableist gazes.

About Around the Toilet

Around the Toilet (AtT) is a cross-disciplinary, arts-based research project funded by the AHRC Connected Communities programme, which explores the toilet as a place of exclusion and belonging. The project is based at Sheffield Hallam University with researchers working across three universities in the north of England.